Home Assessments

Home Assessments, Home Inspections - Kansas City

A home is the largest investment you make in your lifetime, so naturally, it’s important to protect the investment. If the last time your home was professionally assessed was when you purchased it, or if you are buying a home and want a better approach to your home inspection, then you need to call Schloegel Handyman Service. Our Home Assessments service will provide you a roadmap for maintenance.

Whether you are buying, selling or staying, Schloegel Handyman Service home inspectors don’t just hand you a list of problems, they provide solutions. A consolidated report of our findings along with estimated costs for repairs will be provided.

Schloegel Handyman Service’s Home Assessments service includes:Certified Home Assessments by a KHIRB-licensed home inspector to ASHI standards. Home inspections in Kansas require a KHIRB-certified inspector. Missouri does not, and has not, required certification, which means you may not have a qualified person inspecting your house.

  • Review of your property through the eyes of Schloegel Handyman Service, a professional repair and replacement contractor.
  • Consolidated and detailed report of both the certified inspector’s and Schloegel Handyman Service’s inspector’s findings.
  • Estimated cost for necessary repairs as detailed in our report.

You can download our checklist below for a general idea of our Home Assessment process: